3 things to know about the ratel, the most dangerous animal

In the forest there are many wild animals such as lions, leopards, racoons etc. The racoon is the most dangerous animal because of its characteristics. The ratel, because of its characteristics, is considered the most dangerous animal. Many people are curious to know more about it. It resists all attacks and even being a dangerous omnivore, it can be bred by man.

It resists all attacks

The ratel is a mammal that is neither large nor giant but is a dangerous predator. It is formidable and resists all attacks. It is an animal that is not afraid of anything and does not give in when another predator aims to snatch its prey.

Moreover, even if it has been bitten by a viper that injects a large quantity of venom into its body that is capable of killing a man, the ratel, after having remained motionless for two hours, eventually gets up again.

It also has a thick skin that prevents venom and bee dates from entering its bloodstream to kill it. It uses its testicle-ripping ability by systematically ripping off the testicles of its opponents in combat. He also has an allergic smell to bees.

It is a dangerous omnivore

It has very sharp teeth that allow it to slice through any meat and even break up the shell of a turtle. These teeth also contain very virulent batteries which it injects into the body of its prey during a morgue.

It feeds on a little of everything, herbs, root, meat and also honey which is its favourite food.

It can be bred by humans

The ratel is found all over the world. It can easily come into contact with humans. Moreover, it is closer to those who harvest honey traditionally and these respect it well. Because of its omnivorous characteristics, it does not refrain from capturing poultry in human henhouses. Thus they try to kill it by poisoning or by traps. Others shoot at it to reach it.

Nevertheless it can be bred, by capturing it from its birth when it still had its eyes closed, it can be bred to adulthood and make a good companion of man. This does not prevent it from growling.