3 tips for finding your lost dog

The dog is a pet for humans. It is pleasant to go for walks with him. During these walks, it is possible to lose your dog. So the question of finding him arises. To do this, you need to make a search announcement, make a lost report and also place guides for the dog.

Making a search announcement

Losing a dog in a home can be dramatic. In this case, it is best to write an advertisement containing the details and characteristics of the dog without putting too much emphasis on specifics so as not to get ripped off.

In addition, you should post the ad on pet search sites, social networks and even share in groups that deal with dog rescue. You should also check regularly on social networking sites and social networks the advertisements of found animals that are published.

Also there are applications that make a wide distribution of lost and found pets.

Declaring a loss and alerting the neighbourhood

In all cases, reporting a loss is the first option to choose. It is also preferable to declare it in the national animal welfare file. It is also necessary to alert the dog's veterinarians by mentioning the characteristics and photos of the dog for a quick identification. After identification, they will contact you to hand over your dog.

In addition, you should make posters declaring the loss of your dog and put a photo of it on them. Stick these posters in places where people are often stopped. Inform your neighbours and ask them if they have seen the dog. Also research around places he was not used to as a scared dog may resort to hiding.

Give the dog guides

Walk through the areas calling his name loudly, taking care not to frighten him. You can call out over long minutes of time as he may fall asleep somewhere. Practice this method at dawn and also in the evening, i.e. at quiet times.

You can place one of your clothes containing your scent in the last place you remember seeing it. Its ability to detect the scent even at considerable distances can help it find its way home.