Ducklings: how to care for them?

Small animals, especially ducklings, are very small and fragile. Therefore, they need to be cared for on a daily basis. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to prepare a shelter for the ducklings, provide food for the ducklings and warm the ducklings.

Preparing a duckling shelter

Ducklings are small ducks. Given their fragility, it is important to create an enclosure for them that can offer them some security. To provide this shelter, you can also make your own cage, i.e. a cage that meets their requirements.
To make it simple, you can also use a large cardboard box or plastic boxes with a few channels for air to pass through. In addition, it is best to line the bottom of the cage with cloth.
To offer them more security, you should hide this shelter somewhere in your house where neither rain nor wind can serve.

Providing food for ducklings

Like any other animal, ducklings must start feeding a few days after they hatch. Thus, they cannot eat food that ducks eat.
You must therefore break up this food and crumble it before giving it to the ducklings. You can also go to feed stores where their food and medicine are available. As the ducklings grow, you should try to improve their diet by providing them with herbs or cereals.
It is necessary to provide them with water points as they also need a source of drink.

Warming up ducklings

Ducklings when they are just born, are very sensitive to coolness. So during the summer when it is hot, you can put your shelter under the sun, but take care not to expose them too much to the heat. However, during the winter when it is cooler, it is necessary to place a lamp in the shelter to provide warmth for the ducklings.
This lamp, once lit, provides a source of heat for the ducklings.