Gallery 16 - Special Edition -
50th Reunion Photos

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22 August 2000

The Texas boys had their way Minard's Birddog

Tom and Sharon Busse did a fine job with IBDA memorabilia. Shown are some of the fine products that were sold. Many of these are still available through Tom and Sharon.

See the main page for ordering information.

Mike McKendry looking for that shot...

Vic Hanson's beautiful Birddog with Eddie Akins Birddog in the back ground. Eddie flew from Central California and Vic from Spokane, WA.

These 2 guys have been birddogging for 30 years, plus.

The Kansas Air National Guard hosted a tour and "After burn" treat for us. These are some of the birddoggers a watching.
B-1 fly by. The noise was deafening... But oh so thrilling.
Awesome machine...
The B-1 tail lives outside...
Bill and Debby Finney at Attention in front of the B-1 nose gear leg...

Tuesday night was BBQ from "Pig in and Pig Out" of Wichita. The Kansas Air National Guard made their Party Hangar available.

That's Allan Johnson heading for the chow line in the fore ground.

Tom and Sharon Busse still on duty. These people worked tirelessly to make the reunion a success. The money that they generated made the difference to the convention.

Thanks you Tom and Sharon.

Bung Ly flies again... Seated in Minard's Birddog.
Eddie Akins enroute to Independence, KS. for the Cessna piston aircraft factory tour.
Mark Cardwell on the way to Independence.
Steve Stires enroute
Steve and Mark, don't know who was the photo ship?
I think Rob Fox took this great pix.
Frank Vranicar is flying lead, B.V. Lawson extreme Rt.. side of formation, and Bill Finney flying Frank's left wing. We're still missing the middle 3 A/C.
Ralph Nelson and Bung Ly talk over old times.
Mitch Leland and Bung Ly. Mitch is the one without the flat stomach.
Guest speak, Ken Hughey and Bung Ly on the ramp at KAM
The S.O.B's (Southern Owner's of Birddogs) of Texas well represented and well turned out.

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