3 reasons to adopt a cat at home

It is good for humans to have pets at home such as dogs, cats etc. These animals contribute to the well-being of humans. These animals contribute to the well-being of humans, especially cats, which play an important role in human life. It is therefore important to adopt them as they keep rats away from habitats, participate in human welfare and make children responsible.

Keeps rats and insects away from habitats

The cat since its birth is an insect hunter. This is the primary role it plays in concessions due to its predatory nature. Throughout its life it is on the hunt for mice and rats that are a major nuisance to homeowners.

In addition, most of the insects present in gardens and houses are poisoned by the cat. Instead of chasing them away, some cats even kill them and eat their flesh. But it is not good to let them eat everything because bees, spiders and worms (intestinal worms) contain virulent parasites for the cat.

So since these insects are prey for the cat, its presence and even just its cry scares them away. However, these insects and rats are not the best companions for humans, they destroy the works of humans and are even sources of these health problems.

According health benefits to humans

A veterinarian discovered purring therapy which is a therapeutic practice used by orthopaedic surgeons to treat broken bones. Indeed, when a human is indisposed or has recent discomfort, the cat comes to him, looks at him and purrs at the place where he is in pain while looking at him.

Studies in Australia show that the presence of a cat in the home reduces the risk of having a heart attack by 30%. In addition, its presence in a home with a child under the age of one consequently reduces his risk of having an allergy as an adult.

Reduces human annoyance and empowers children

Although a cat's purring may disturb a human's sleep, it helps a human's development. The cat in the house reduces the stress of the human being. The cat's playfulness towards the human being, i.e. when it wags its tail against the human being's feet, calms the human being down.

It is also a faithful companion for retired people, those who are alone in their homes, as it allows them to not feel lonely. Moreover, it allows children to discipline themselves when it takes care of their nutrition, their follow-up. It is also a better playmate for them. In most cases, children like to play with cats because of their sense of grimace.

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