The Gallery features collections of great Birddog pictures from around the world. If you're a Birddog fan, you won't want to miss out. Who knows, you may find a picture of your own 'Dawg in one of our gallery collections!

Below is a sample of one of the gallery collections. These pictures were taken at the July 1998 Keokuk fly-in (photos by Mitch Leland) .


Keokuk - July1998
Keokuk welcomes C.L. Strance. C.L. ended up in the hospital at last years Keokuk. So the boys were not sure he had recovered.
Bo the Birddog mascot resides under the protection of the "Big Dawg". "Big Dawg's" owner is Brian Flax of Memphis.
   24542 is owned by Paul Kraaijvanger who was in route home after a flight from North Stonington, CT. to Palo Alto, California stopping at Keokuk and OSH., then home to CT.
   Mike Weinfruter of Wisconsin flew out Joe Gunnels Birddog from the Denver area
   Tom Busse's Birddog


Paul Santoprieto very nice "Dawg" from Rhode Island.

   Tom Mayo's Texas Bird with a 0-470 K engine, C/S prop


Memphis "Dog Pound" logo on Brian Flax's Birddog


Keokuk - BirdDogs in the air.

Tom Mayo in flight - Tom received his formation certification from the JFLC
Mark Cardwell of Memphis with Mike Weinfruter in trail in Gunnels Birddog
Brian flax of Memphis in route to Douglas International



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