Gallery 16 - Special Edition -
50th Reunion Photos

Photo contributions were made by: Steve Frushour, Rob Fox, Mitch Leland, Tom Schad, and Minard Thompson. If I have left out any credits, please let me know.

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22 August 2000

 50th anniversary Reunion - Wichita, KS

July 17-20th

Our lead off Birddog is none other, than IBDA Aero-Medical Officer, Steve Frushour. Back seater is Major Mary.

Fred Mooney, Steve Frushour and Bill Finney doing what they do best, "hanging" ... Steve's Birddog provides the shade.
Kansas Aviation Museum in back ground which served the City of Wichita as their Air Terminal until 1953.
Troy Cobb's Birddog sporting John McCabes new rockets.
Glorice Wills (in very back ground) and Company filling the "goody" bags.

Chinoians under Dave Hutson's wing (Birddog).

Left to right, Dona Halcrow (Jimmy's brave back seater), Jimmy New, Carolyn Myers and Dave Hutson.

C.L Strance brought his own tower to Wichita.


For anyone interested, It's for sale!

Kent Carter and C.L. erecting the Tower
C.L. and Kent in the blazing noon day sun.
Newest Birddog Owner, Fred Mooney gets into the act with the antenna erection.
Flight line
Kansas Aviation Museum Tower in back ground, Bung Ly and Ralph Nelson in fore ground.
Mike Weinfruter, Bung Ly, Steve Frushour (IBDA Aero-Medical Officer)
Minard and Ronnee Thompson, Don Simon (Birddog Engineer) and John Franicis


Sunday night with thunder storms and 3/4" hail forecasted all Birddogs found shelter in the B-1 fuel cell hangar. 38 Birddogs found shelter with an another 4 being placed in an adjoining hangar. 4-5 Birddogs were left on the ramp because the owners were not available to move them. Minard said we could have gotten them all in one hangar with a little more time. Thank you Kansas Air National Guard. Photo by Tom Schad.


By the time the key was found to open up the B-1 fuel cell hangar we were down to 30 minutes to move 40 plus Birddogs from the Kansas Aviation Museum across McConnell to the Kansas Air National Guard.

All the Birddog pilots did it safely and professionally.

Another B-1 hangar shot by Steve Frushour
Monday night was the Hospitality get together sponsored by Pete Jones of Air Repair. Great evening and thanks Pete...
Jim Mulvihill say's to Larry, here's how you land a Birddog...
More happy Chinoians...
Left to Right: Carolyn Myers, Dave Hutson, Jimmy New and Dona Halcrow.
Mike McKendry (IBDA Com) and Scott Smith in front of Scott's Birddog.
Ron Attic, Bung Ly and Dick Buntig pose for the camera.
Cessna Luncheon. C.L. Strance M.C.d the affair. It was incredible putting names with the faces which were an important part of the history of the Birddog.

Fred Mooney purchased Tom Mayo's last Austrian Birddog. Fed got it license just days before leaving for Wichita. With 3 hr. as PIC Fred left for Wichita, then flew it to Montana and back to Dallas. Whata guy!

P.S. Fred has spent a lot time with tail draggers.

Keith Carter and Fred Mooney - Fred's Birddog

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